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In addition to all of the LET ONLY SERVICES, we will:


We use a 3rd party professional inventory company to create a furniture list which is required to be signed by the Tenants upon taking occupation of the property which lists the confirmation of key handover, any specific notes relating to the property and meter readings of gas, electricity and water if applicable.


Our 3rd party professional inventory company will need to schedule a time and date with the tenant and attend to check items listed in our inventory and confirm meter readings.


Our Property Management department will contact the local authority and inform them of the new tenancy (for council tax purposes), electricity, gas and water supplier and provide them with the date of occupation and meter readings to ensure that the utilities are correctly set up.


Arrange for the rent to be collected via Standing Order to Connect Lettings nominated Client’s Account and transfer the rent to your designated account.


A monthly statement will be sent to you to your chosen email address or in the event you do not have an email, by Royal Mail. This will detail any authorised expenditure and the commission deduction.


Pay your regular outgoings if requested for the property including bills for ground rent, service charges, water charges, buildings insurance and maintenance charges.


Register your deposit with a Government Approved Deposit Protection agency within the legally required 30 days.


In conjunction with Safe & Sound Property Developments Limited, we are able to offer rates for repairs which are much cheaper than many private contractors. We will arrange for a quote to be sent to you for any repairs along with a photo of the fault (if required) and await your authorisation to go ahead with the works. We will always endeavour to contact you with a quote prior to proceeding with any required works unless of an urgent nature.


Visiting your property bi-annually is imperative to ensure the health of your property is maintained. Our main reasons for visiting the property is to ensure that there are no defects due to tenant negligence, no unnecessary build up of condensation or damp and that any preventative maintenance required is carried out.


Reviewing the rental value of your property on a yearly basis has now become essential due to the ever-changing market. Therefore, we will review your rent and let you know if you are due an increase. Whatever the case, we will always ensure that the renewal of tenancy is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.


Ensuring your tenant is correctly checked out of your property is critical. We will arrange to meet the tenant at the property to inspect the property’s condition, account for all furnishings, take meter readings and arrange for the locks to be changed in order to secure the premise against re-entry. This ensures that should we be required to claim against the tenant’s deposit, it is done so with a written and photographic log of the condition before and after.